Loan calculator for income

Do I have to provide additional proof of credit application? No. What is the annual taxable income? Depending on the market situation, the risk of losses may exist.

You can spend as much money as you want.

You can spend as much money as you want.

In the long term, you will only be satisfied with your balance if monthly payments do not cause you any headaches. How much credit can I buy? The loan calculator focuses on these aspects: – What is the credit rating for the amount I would like to have? – How can I change course by changing the due date up or down?

  • If I have a certain percentage per calendar month at hand: What credit can I get with such installments? It soon becomes clear that your actual income after deducting all expenses is the crucial point. The difference between the two amounts is the theoretical value available to you for paying the installment.

Experts advise, however, not to take full advantage of this approach, but to “limit” the total to about two-thirds. What is the disposable income? As a rule, credit institutions use lump sums to quantify the living costs in the course of the goods inspection. This lump sum increases with each household member who depends on the income of the borrower (“spouse who does not work, childless”, etc.).

Although credit institutions charge a very realistic lump sum, it is recommended to close their own “liquidity gap” before borrowing. Specialists suggest to consider a time frame of three to six months. Ideally, the result is a good number every day. But even in particularly “expensive” months following a negative can also be before the value.

Achieve a noticeable increase

Achieve a noticeable increase

It is particularly important to ensure that you achieve a noticeable increase in performance on average over the three to six months of life. 600 EUR in six weeks. So we just have to divide the sums by the individual calendar months to calculate the average part of your monthly earnings. The result would be here 433.33 EUR, rounded to 400 EUR.

Two-thirds of it, about 250 to 300 EUR, can easily be made as a loan installment – because you always have 150 EUR or more as a “reserve” when it comes to covering unforeseen costs. For example, for € 250, loans of € 5,000 * (with a very short period of 21 months) up to € 22,000 * (with a long period of 114 months) are possible.

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